Ignoring Linux won’t make it go away

I’m all tapped out of Linux podcasts at the moment, and it’s always good to know thine enemy. So I listened to the Windows Weekly podcast on my commute home yesterday.

It’s amazing that after 10 minutes of talking about how many wrong moves Microsoft has made recently, another 10 minutes of Mac-centric talk, several positive comments about the Asus EEE PC (which runs linux) and finally the pimping of VLC (which is free software) as Paul Thurrott’s software pick, I don’t believe there was a single mention of the word “Linux” , “Free Software” or even “Open Source” in that whole conversation (please correct me if I’m wrong).

Hmmf. Ignore it all you like. Free software, open-source software and Linux are marching inexorably forward whether or not people pretend they aren’t there.

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