See.. having fun does pay off! :)

I suppose it’s cliche to say ‘I never win anything’. But by and large that is true for me. However, this week has been doubly good for me.

First, I arrived back home from vacation to find a nice shiny copy of Linux Journal in my mailbox. I won a subscription (as did Mr. Heathenx and others I think) for some banner ads we did for the guys at The Linux Link Tech Show. Great Stuff! And thanks again to the boys over at TLLTS.

And now this morning I’m ecstatic over the fact that I won the coveted Finger of God (a carnival-esque electro-mechanical torture device) from the guys at LugRadio! A couple of episodes back they announced a contest to photoshop a picture of Aza Raskin. Now, I absolutely love doing silly photoshops of friends and family. So just the concept was enough for me to give it a quick go, but to include a prize? Now there was no question about it! You can check out my entries over on the announcement page. And no, despite the use of the term “Photoshopping”, there was nothing involving Photoshop at all. All my work was done exclusively in Inkscape, except for maybe a final conversion from .png to .jpg using the Gimp.

Yay me! ;)

5 thoughts on “See.. having fun does pay off! :)

  1. Congratulations…Humm, I’m not sure about that prize. :-)

    Maybe I could get you a subscription to MacWorld to get some balance in your life? ;-)

    Anyhow, enjoy riding the wave of your winning streak..

    Well deserved!

  2. Alpha13 – You sir, are far too kind. But feel free to subscribe if you aren’t already and leave as many nice comments as you wish! :)

    Earl – I think I might need an actual MacBook to gain a balanced perspective. Do you have one sitting around that you can send over? ;)

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