Blown away by the PicLens FF add-on – now where’s the Linux version?

If you’re interested in a super-slick way to browse images (on Flickr, Google Image Search, Picasa, Facebook or any of almost 20 different sites), and you’re using Firefox (Windows/Mac), Safari or even IE, then check out Piclens.

On my XP machine at work I’ve installed the Piclens add-on for FF3 (there’s one for FF2 as well btw), and I have to say I was blown away. Once you install the plugin and restart your browser, you’ll notice that when you hover over image thumbnails, you’ll now see a little triangular play button icon. Click that little icon and you will get a very smooth, very slick 3D navigation interface for the images on that page.

This is a great way to browse through Google Image search results or a Flickr photo stream. I’m absolutely amazed at what they are able to achieve with just a browser plugin.

What’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t yet a Linux compatible FF plugin, or an Opera add-on for that matter either. But it is a little bit heartening to see that this is one of their top feedback requests. At least we can assume they at least know that we Linux users want it.

So if you’re on a Windows box or a Mac (not sure if it will work in XP running in a VM on Linux) and you want to check out a really nice way to browse photos (or video thumbnails for that matter), check it out. You’ll be impressed.

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