Canada Day Fireworks

Back on our May long weekend, we decided to opt for conservative parenting and didn’t take our daughter to see the fireworks (too late and too little sleep we figured), but we made the promise that she’d definitely get to see them on Canada Day. So last night we went.

While Em, along with hundreds of other kids, unleashed their youthful joy in staying up late (she got to bed at 11:15pm), I took a few shots with my DSLR (f/8 aperture, 0.5″ shutter speed and manual focus). They turned out okay considering that I slouched and used my chest as a makeshift tripod. You can see several decent ones in the embedded Flickr slideshow near the end of this post.

[note: for some reason, the embedded Flickr slideshow is not showing up in my post when it comes through an RSS aggregator – not in Google Reader anyway. So if you want to view the pictures you’ll have to visit the blog. If anyone else has embedded Flickr slideshows in their blog posts and wants to share some tips, please leave a comment – thanks!]

I also thought I’d try out my Flip Video camera in capturing some of the sights and sounds. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it did. Note that the audio sync delay is a result of the speed of sound, not the video encoding :)

Canada Day Fireworks – Tottenham, Ontario from Richard Querin on Vimeo.

I hope everyone had a great Canada Day. :)

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