Too much free time…

My internet connectivity has been down for a little over a week now (crossing fingers that it gets fixed sometime today). As a result, I’ve had a little more “free” time on my hands lately. I’ve been thinking about drawing a comic for quite some time, but never seemed to find the time until now.

I was initially going to sketch something on paper, scan it in and use it as a base in Inkscape, but then just threw caution to the wind and started playing around with my Wacom Tablet and the freehand tool in Inkscape. I created the whole thing in about 90 minutes using just the freehand tool, node editing and some other really basic stuff. Adding the text and speech bubbles was very easy and flexible.

As I suspected all along, coming up with a good idea (not sure this one really was) is far harder than drawing it. ;)

Like it? Hate it? Does nothing for you? Let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “Too much free time…

  1. That is a nice one, keep up the good work.
    I expected the joke like about in the frame looking at the bored guy and it was absolutely clear at frame 3 with the empty chair, but this does not make it not funny.

    I am glad to see one more webcomic made with Inkscape, one day we will rule the world!

    On a technical note, instead of using JPEG you could convert to indexed colors (it is black and white, it will work perfectly) and save as PNG, the file size is less than half.

    And a final question? Which font have you used? It is a Free one? I like it and I wonder if I could use it too (but my own requirement is for a Free font)

  2. Yeah, I’ve gotta get my png thing straight. I’m always worried about the transparent background. Although I guess I could just export out a white background with it I guess. Not that the transparency should matter on this blog since the posting area is white as well.

    The font is not free as in speech, but it’s free for non-commercial use. I posted about where you can get fonts like these in a post a while back. Check out:

    I would of course to find a truly free font to use, (or design one myself) but that is another task for another day. ;)

    Cheers and thanks for the comments Nicu. :)

  3. btw Nicu, the specific one I used for this was called “Letter-o-Matic” which you can find on the Blambot site referenced in the post I mentioned above.

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