The New Microsoft Ad – Humanize the Machine

So it seems quite a few people don’t like the new Microsoft commercial starring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates. I guess I’m in the minority on this one.

Now I’m no Microsoft fan. I don’t really think too much of Vista mostly because I feel strongly that Linux is the way forward. Technically, there is something wrong with an OS that carries such high technical requirements when it has been clearly shown that you can do more with less. Efficiency is an important concept in technology and it seems to have been completely lost on Microsoft (and much of the commercial software world too).

Anyway, I watched the ad, and it made me laugh. I don’t know if it’s going to start to accomplish what they wanted – I don’t really know exactly what it is they want to accomplish anyway. If the aim is to humanize Microsoft, then I think it’s successful. And maybe humanizing Microsoft is the tact they should take. After all, the Mac vs. PC ads do the exact opposite in a way. Would the general public feel so comfortable watching a company get repeatedly humiliated in the Mac ad if they had a more friendly humanized view of Microsoft? I don’t know.

And let’s not forget that people have always enjoyed Microsoft’s internal videos, their keen sense of wit and penchant for self-deprecation. If all those things are their popular strengths, then why not parlay them into real ads.

Bottom line, It made me laugh and it was smart and odd in a Seinfeld-ian sort of way. It wasn’t for everyone. But I liked it.

And don’t forget. They run tight. :)

4 thoughts on “The New Microsoft Ad – Humanize the Machine

  1. Hi Richard,

    I’m with you on this one. I thought it was funny, but then I always loved the Jerry Seinfeld show so perhaps it simply aligned with my warped sense of humor.

    One goal it did accomplish, it hooked me into wanting to see where this goes with follow-on commercials. Even those who say they hated it will be watching for the next one(s). ;-)

  2. I heard the commercial discussed on Twit. Everybody forgets how many people were praising Microsoft’s internal videos for their humour and lamented why they didn’t apply that to their ads. I think they’ve done that.

    I think a series of Jerry & Bill commercials would be funny. I don’t think they’re wrong for not doing a straightforward ‘sell Vista’ commercial. It get’s people laughing (at least some) and people talking. It makes people feel better about Microsoft which is really the problem they’re fighting these days.

    Thanks for reading and commenting Tanner! :) – btw I just checked out your site. Looks awesome. I’m big into trying to sharpen my creative saw.

  3. Maybe Microsoft made a bad move with this “taste”. The more and more I talk about this commercial with friends and co-workers, the more I get the feeling that it didn’t make a lot of sense to most people. In-fact: I would say that 85% of everyone I have talked to about the new Microsoft ad didn’t understand it or think it was clever.

    Also: thanks for subscribing to my blog Richard.

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