I Might Even Be A Rockstar

Someone decided on Sharpay / Hannah Montana for this past Halloween. I thought I’d spruce up the original pic using.. you guessed it.. Inkscape. :)

I dare not show her the final product or she’ll be wanting to dress like that every day! :P

Here’s what I started with:

3 thoughts on “I Might Even Be A Rockstar

  1. Okay, Richard, that’s just too, too glam for words. I want a post (not podcast, please!) describing *how* to do it, so I can do something similar with my cheerleader pic of the dotter…;)

  2. @OmegaMom – just to let you know.. I *am* writing a HowTo on that.. But it ain’t going to be stupendous. Doing it has reminded me exactly why it is I love doing screencasts. Writing this step by step ends up being like writing War and Peace! Aarrgh! :)

  3. Holy cow that is totally awesome!

    I can see some of the stuff from your and heathenx’s screencasts in there :)

    I wonder what this looks like without lightening the bitmap up? She looks a lot more contrast-y in the original.

    I always have trouble with this part of compositing: tweaking the foreground image to match its new background.

    This motivates an idea: shooting pictures with the express purpose of removing the subject from the background and dropping them into an Inkscape background. Lots of opportunity for setting up the shoot lighting to match the planned Inkscape environment….

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