gPodder doodling

Yeah, I know that gPodder already has a logo. But after listening to the recent interview on Linux Outlaws 67, I figured it might be a nice creative exercise to come up with something anyway. Not most people’s idea of a fun evening, but it relaxes me after a stressful day of engineering work.

Anyway, I think what I came up with looks kinda neat. But I think it’s too complicated and fiddly to work as a logo or icon, and unless you want to have gPodder wallpaper (hey – whatever floats your boat) it’s likely one of those images that serves no purpose at all… except giving me something to de-stress over. :)

[UPDATE: Late last night after a little more fiddling, I made the same modification as raydancer made in the comments to this post and shortened the horizontal stroke of the “G”, making it look more like a “G” and less like an “E”. The revised one is below.]


3 thoughts on “gPodder doodling

  1. Well, that is just completely fantastic. I listened to the same show twice or more as I often do and although the existing logo is cute, the founder and I agree that it didn’t exactly say pod-catcher. I saw your doodle and thought… hmmm…the data comes in … whirs around my drive a bit …and is reassembled and saved “down” to my hard drive. Nice! Yea, you definitely transformed the actions into a really good visualization of what all these pod-catcher thingies do. Pretty cool IMHO.
    Reminds me of those first home slot car sets that I just loved all my childhood too, which is another bonus.

  2. @Jonas – Thanks. Glad you liked it. I though of the slot car racing set too come to think of it. :)

    @raydancer – you are clever. I actually did a rework late last night doing exactly what you suggested. Unfortunately I forgot to save it to my Dropbox folder so I can’t post the updated version until later tonight. It does definitely help in making the ‘G’ look less like an ‘e’. Thanks for the input.

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