What Xmas and a reasonably fast (and cheap) prime lens will get you…

The holiday season always seems to give me the much needed opportunity to take a lot of photographs. Mostly they’re snapshots, but now and again you get something impressive.

Once again I implore any DSLR owners to go out and purchase a fixed length, fast 50mm lens. I bought a 50mm f1.8 lens for my Canon 350D a while back and it almost always brings with it some impressive shots. Just set it to Aperture priority and use the widest aperture you have. This lens cost me just over 100 bucks (brand new) and I know Nikon produces a similar cheap but very useful fast prime lens too.

For those who don’t know, a wide aperture can give you a nice shallow depth of field. This is nice for portraits when you want the subject in focus, but the background nicely blurred. By chance I got one of my niece with some nice blurring of the Christmas tree lights (the fancy term for this blur is ‘bokeh’ btw). She’s eating jelly beans if you were wondering. ;) I really liked this shot and thought it was worthy of a post here.

Which reminds me how little I post about photography any more. In fact I don’t do nearly as much photography as I used to. I gotta get back in the habit. There’s a resolution for me I guess. Anyway, here’s the shot:

3 thoughts on “What Xmas and a reasonably fast (and cheap) prime lens will get you…

  1. @JakeT – thanks man.

    @Brad Kellet – skill?.. uhh.. if you take enough shots and only show your good ones, that goes a long way towards the ‘impression’ of skill. :)

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