Facing down a perfectly blank Moleskine alternative

We spent a few days down near Buffalo (Cheektowaga to be exact) just prior to the new year to do a little swimming, resting and shopping. Now when I say shopping, that means my wife and her mother hunt down various bargoons (at least 80% off or fuhgeddaboutit) for several hours at a time. For me (and my daughter) it just means a quick trip to Borders and maybe Barnes & Nobles to have a look around. It all amounts to about 15-20 minutes of shopping time for me. Which is plenty. I grabbed a copy of Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, a copy of Car magazine (what the hell did everybody do with the latest version of TopGear anyway??!!), a word search book for Emily and on the way out I spotted some Picadilly notebooks at Borders. Hmm.. looks like a Moleskine, but costs significantly less. I picked up a plain medium notebook (5″x8.25″) for a little over 7 bucks I think.

Now I know nothing about Moleskine notebooks, never owned or used one. But when I have seen them, they always seemed a little too overpriced to me. At least these Picadilly things are a little more reasonable. And they seem to be perfectly capable competitors, at least thats what these guys think. And they seem to know a lot more about notebooks than I do.

Anyway, I’m now sitting with a nice pretty notebook with absolutely nothing in it. I’m almost afraid to sully it. Maybe I should have bought a ruled version instead so I could at least jot some semi-important notes. Ahh.. but I guess I bought this thing for doodling (y’know, logos, graphics and the like). We’ll see if it fills up with anything substantive in the coming weeks. I hope so.

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