Lumiera’s New Logo Concept – and a couple of suggested tweaks

Back in mid-November, I posted about Lumiera’s logo contest over on the screencaster’s blog. I made several entries, some of which are below:


The winning concept (which I really liked) was this one by anamii:


Now the aim of the contest was to select a “concept”, so there is some ongoing discussion about tweaking the logo. While I loved the concept and it’s simplicity, I never really liked the typeface that was used. It seems somewhat unbalanced or unfinished to me. Over at Thorsten Wilm’s blog he proposed using a significantly heavier typeface. I wasn’t crazy about the results. And he also made some alternative suggestions of a slightly lighter weight. I would propose something light too but definitely thicker than the type originally proposed. I’ve shown two options, one using mgOpen Cosmetica, and one using Gentium. I like both.


But something else has bothered me a bit about this logo from the start. I love the concept, but the geometry seems very non-square and maybe a little too flattened for my tastes. So as another idea, I propose simply stretching it upwards to give it a more square geometry. I think it makes it look more dynamic as well. Remember that this symbol will have to suffice from the largest graphic sizes way down to 16px favicon sizes. Having something more square in nature might help that. Here’s a quick and dirty attempt at it. It would still need some additional polishing – like the missing sprocket hole near the upturned corner:


Of course these are all just opinions. But now that’s exactly what blogs are for right? :)

4 thoughts on “Lumiera’s New Logo Concept – and a couple of suggested tweaks

  1. Gentium is a beautiful font, but I think it is too soft here. The interaction of the open r an a strokes is very unfortunate.

    mgOpen Cosmetica might be acceptable, but I would prefer something custom, fine-tuned ;)

    The less flat frame seems to be a good idea.

  2. Good to finally see some people paying attention to typography.

    The original logo is neither here nor there personally.

    The balance of the composition is the weakest chunk of it. It could go a long way reducing the over abundant Free Software symmetry and scale the logo down.

    The only truly unfortunate portion of the typography in the original is the awkward a and moderately awkward r. The r feels a little incomplete when compared to the bowls and strokes of the other letters. The a is borderline poorly crafted.

    Generally when a design takes an established face a moderate twiddle is made upon it to turn it into a proprietary wordmark. Neither of your two samples do this. Perhaps it is worth experimenting with.

    Finally, default tracking or kerning on type is often well down the road of not suitable for logo use. For example, try trimming the tracking down on the left example you offered.

    Good to see these sorts of analysis ever more frequent in Free Software land…

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