Blathering on about creativity and an icon set


icon_blankFor quite a while now I’ve been harbouring a desire to embark on a longer term graphics project. I love diving into a variety of smaller projects, like the recent Lumiera logo entries, playing around with a gPodder logo and even more recently contributing a little of my play time to Crunchbang linux.

However I would like to stretch my right brain a little further by coming up with my own icon set. Now, I know pretty much diddly-squat about actually creating an icon set, but I imagine it’s somewhat tedious, time consuming (if done well), but entirely possible. So since I have been secretly wanting to do this, why post about it now? There are two reasons:

First, very recently (like on the drive home last night) I listened to an interview with Merlin Mann by Leo Barbauta. While it was an interesting interview, the highlight for me was a question that Merlin asked of Leo (and I’m paraphrasing here of course): If you woke up tomorrow with 60% of the required materials, knowledge or information already in hand, what creative thing would you do?

So knowing you would already be 60% of the way there, what would the project be? Forget about starting from scratch, forget about facing that mountain of initial effort to get moving – what would it be if you were already more than halfway there? Now, I’m nowhere near 60% of the way there (more like 0.1%), but it really gets you to question yourself about what to do creatively.

The second thing that prompted this post was a fascinating post that popped up over on VectorTuts this morning about 10 Tips For Effective Icon Design. It has some really inspiring examples and great useful advice for people who are designing icons.

So I’m really putting this post up to get myself started on this little project. I’m not sure what the scope would be, but it can’t hurt to try. You know there might even be a potential screencast in there somewhere too, you never know.

At least I now have something I know I can put in my Moleskine knockoff. :)

3 thoughts on “Blathering on about creativity and an icon set

  1. I’ve always thought about doing an icon set. But then I think about how many icons there really are in a set and the fact that you have to make 2-6 versions of each icon and my brain starts to hurt.

  2. LOL JakeT! That’s exactly why I consider it a longer term project. But it’s coming up with the individual icon design concepts that kind of excites me. Perhaps the drudgery will wear on me too much but we’ll see. We all know how well my own custom font project went (or at least how well it’s gone so far). :(

  3. Making icons is the most tedious thing in the world. I have attempted to make a few sets with varying degrees of success.

    Generally, i try to make sure that any icons i make will not look shockingly out of place with the default gnome set, which takes the pressure off quite a lot, as you can concentrate on areas you like or feel are important and even if you never touch the rest you can still feel as though you have made an effort and have something useful at the end. :)

    I have tried to add to other sets but there is nothing like starting from scratch. But it is worthwhile even if you are unhappy with the end result.

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