Increasing my productivity in 4 clicks

Little did I know I was only 3 or 4 clicks away from a big increase in my productivity…

1. Open Google Reader.
2. Select “Digg” from my list of subscribed feeds on the left.
3. Click Feed Settings at the top.
4. Click “Unsubscribe”.

It’s surprising how much time I have gained for other things by doing that. Don’t cherish your big RSS subscriptions. They ain’t going anywhere. Turn one off and see if you miss it.

2 thoughts on “Increasing my productivity in 4 clicks

  1. Amen! I unsubscribed from ‘Digg’ about six months ago and have never looked back. There’s others in my feed reader I need to take similar actions.

    My feed reader list is always evolving…which I believe is how it should be.

  2. I agree totally. I just removed 15 rss feeds from my google reader, don’t miss them at all. I had spent too much time scanning the headlines and not actually reading the things that I truly wanted to read. I still need to remove some more

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