Ole’ Faithful – The Pentel P205

p205While almost all of what I post about here involves techy matters like Linux or more creative subjects like graphics and photography, I am by profession a structural engineer. And like many engineers (structural and otherwise) I value my mechanical pencils.

I’ve tried all kinds both expensive and cheap, but I always keep coming back to Ole Faithful: The Pentel P205. Today I picked up a two pack after muddling along with a three pack of very similar looking (but very different acting) Staple’s house brand Metrix pencils. They looked very much the same as the Pentels but broke off leads with alarming frequency.

It turns out that the P205’s have quite a good reputation. Doing a quick search, I found a very interesting site for fellow mechanical pencil afficionados aptly titled: Dave’s Mechanical Pencils.

The niche-ness of the internet never fails to amaze me.

7 thoughts on “Ole’ Faithful – The Pentel P205

  1. I’m deeply worried by the fact that someone has set up a website dedicated to mechanical pencils!!
    Nice blog, BTW – looking forward to reading mnore when I’ve got more time
    Signed, a fellow #!er

  2. @Red Devil – Thanks for the kind words. I’m all over the place here topic-wise, so be warned. ;)

    @Parag Shah – Nice. I’m glad to be of service. :)

    @Giles – Thanks for the link. I’m a fan of traditional pencils too. In fact we’ve got an old crony or two in the office who always eschew the mechanical for the wooden sort. Sometimes being able to tilt the pencil and shade an area quickly is a godsend.

  3. Love the P205. I have one from graduate school over 25 years ago. The clip is corroding and it has been used so much that the grip section is nearly worn smooth. But, it still works great.

    There is no good reason why the P205 should be such a great pencil. It is plastic, it is thin (way too thin for my large hands), the eraser is awkward . . . nevertheless, it works. I don’t even bother trying other pencils anymore – I always return to the P205 so I’m no longer interested in trying anything else.

  4. I have 2 of these Pentel P205 and will NOT buy anymore…..the lead is constantly breaking, and they keep backing up back into the tube….you are constantly clicking on the top of the pen to get the lead back down…..pain in the butt, big time…..maybe I got 2 deadbeat pencils, but I can’t believe two of them are bad…………nothing but trouble…………………

  5. Honestly, I love these pencils so much, its hard not to get emotional when speaking of them. I am studying electrical engineering and cannot imagine doing it without my favorite mechanical pencil. Not really a replacement for a girlfriend, but what with spending countless hours in a windowless basement, staring at a computer screen until my eyes have gone completely rectangular, it is probably the closest thing at the moment to the love of my life. Haha. I will never cheat on on the beloved Pentel P205.

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