Another home video edited with Blender

The other night I put together another video using a bunch of Flip videos I took of my daughter skiing. I’m getting more familiar with Blender now and it took me only about an hour to slice and dice together 9 clips, add start and end titles and some music (The concept of fair use is not dead in my mind if you care to ask). I think Blender has definitely turned into my video editor of choice. Expect more screencasts on this topic.


Skiing At Hockley Feb 01-09 from Richard Querin on Vimeo.

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  1. heathenx says:

    Excellent job…and great sound track. Your daughter is a pretty good skier. Proud papa. ;)

  2. heathenx says:

    Do I have a big head? ——————————–>

  3. Apparently on my blog you do. :)

    I’m still working on various avatar ideas. I’ve probably got half a dozen floating around out there. I clearly have to get my act together.

  4. I was trying to find a nice shot of a game show host with one of those ultra thin microphones (a la Match Game etc.) to silhouette… alas I had to make do.

  5. Scotty Orr says:

    She is fearless. Beautiful film. I am really looking forward to seeing more screencasts on using blender for editing videos – dare I say…I am expecting it….

  6. Grant M says:

    Great job Richard. Maybe we’ll see your Daughter in the 2026 Olympics?!

    I always thought of Blender as more of a 3D graphics creation tool rather than a video editor. Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities and for posting the very easy to follow tutorials :)

    HeathenX & yourself have really done excellent work with all of the tutorials you’ve posted at

    Thanks for all you do!

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