Big Arse Snowflakes

I was driving home late tonight after teaching and found myself confronted by what could be described as a flurry of fat arse snowflakes. The Flip camera was lying on the seat so I thought what the heck. I dubbed in some nice piano music just to hide the fact that I was blastin’ Miley Cyrus from the stereo… :P

And yes, I know handholding a video camera while driving on a snowy road isn’t the smartest thing in the world to do, let’s just put it down to old age…

Biggy Snowflakes from Richard Querin on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “Big Arse Snowflakes

  1. Yep.. I should get some kind of doohickey for mounting this thing should I ever want to do this sort of stuff.

    The music is a track called Bliss by Rob Costlow from his Sophomore Jinx album. I love his stuff, so nice. You can find his stuff over on Magnatune at:

    Make sure to check out track 2 on that album, I usually want to use that track on virtually every family video I ever do.. but of course that would be silly.

    As you can tell, I love Magnatune. :)

    Oh Crikey.. I forgot. Whenever you buy something from Magnatune, I can legally give copies of it to three friends…

    So Omegamom, expect an email with some info on downloading the album for yourself! :)

    And if there are two others who like his stuff, just shoot me an email at rfquerin AT gmail DOT com and I’ll gladly pass on the info too so you can get your album.

    Damn. That’s why I love Magnatune! :)

  2. Hi Earl,

    Yep, I always do. Which garners the odd complaint sometimes from passengers since a lot of my driving is on rural country roads ;).

    Check your email for the download link and info..

  3. Will,

    Check your email for the info.

    Yeah, actually once you use it a couple of times it actually get’s very easy to do things like this in Blender. From the time I plugged in my Flip camera to download the video to the time I was ready to upload the finished thing to Vimeo was probably about 15 minutes. Seriously. And that includes making the little title screen in Inkscape.

    The thing that really gets me about Blender is that (for me) it’s just so stable. Sure the interface takes a little getting used to, but it works well and does exactly what I want it to do.. consistently. I’m quickly falling in love with it just like Inkscape. :)

  4. I just watched this again and noticed the feeling of “black and white” until seeing the (barely) yellow warning signs. It’s almost like one of those commercials or shows where everything is b&w except for one item of focus. I’m guessing this was not an effect you threw in, but the actual way it was. However, I was still a little disappointed not to see the “red” stop sign. Great video! (Looks like I commented here after all. I’ve been to vimeo…)

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