It’s funny cuz it’s (probably) true…

Awesomely funny post over at Stuff White People Like.. here’s a tidbit:

One of the strangest side effects has been the puzzling situation whereby a white person will sit in an independent coffee shop with a Moleskine notebook resting on top of a Apple laptop. You might wonder why they need so many devices to write down thoughts? Well, if a white person has a great idea, they write it by hand, if they have a good idea, it goes into the computer.

Not only does this help them keep their thoughts organized, but it serves as a signal to the other white people in the shop that the owner of both instruments is truly creative. It screams: “I’m not using my computer to check email and read celebrity gossip, I’m using it to create art. Please ask me about it.”

While I’m a fan of using paper notebooks, I’m not an Apple guy, nor do I enjoy paying for overpriced coffee. But I do admit I wouldn’t mind people asking me what I’m writing in that notebook. ;)

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