Crunchbang Wallpapers (or how I keep up my Inkscape chops)

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed doing is creating desktop wallpapers. I don’t know if it’s just my way of flexing my creative muscles, but I enjoy doing them. For the last little while I’ve spent quite a bit of (maybe way too much) time in the Crunchbang forums posting ideas and images in their artwork section. (They’re also in the midst of a logo design process too which has been great fun – for more info see this thread.). Anyway, I’ve probably posted almost 40 (!) of them so far (I did say maybe way too much time didn’t I?), so I thought I’d post some of the nicer ones up here. They’re looking at getting a community artwork team set up on Launchpad which I’d love to participate in. Also, I may get them up into a proper installable package (for Crunchbang) if I ever make the time to figure it out.

Incidentally, #! is the logotype for Crunchbang.. so you’ll see that symbol in many of the wallpapers I’ve done.

Also, I’m using the jQuery Lightbox plugin for WordPress to do this post. And while it does seem to function correctly, I can’t seem to get the thumbnails to display properly below. There seems to be a mile of whitespace between the first row of images and the rest of them. So you can either click on one of them and get the flash slideshow or scroll way down to see the thumbnails for the rest of them. If anybody’s got a better suggestion or any tips to help me out in this respect I’d really appreciate it.

If you like any of them, you can download an archive of the full size versions right here:

As usual, I’ve half-assed it, and mostly done them in 1680×1050 format. I probably should do at least 4:3 and 16:9 versions of each one but have wussed out in this respect.. at least for now. ;)

8 thoughts on “Crunchbang Wallpapers (or how I keep up my Inkscape chops)

  1. Richard, I think I see what is causing the whitespace in the generated code. After every third thumbnail you have a

    <br style=”clear: both”>

    I don’t know if that’s generated by the plugin or not, but I think that if you change it to a plain <br>, you’ll get rid of the whitespace. If it’s generated by the plugin, you might check the configuration to see if it can be fixed there – otherwise “use the source luke” ;-)

  2. Hi Rich
    Just catching up on your postings but I have to ask-
    How did you do the splatter grunge effect?
    It is simply brilliant.

    Live long and prosper…

  3. Hey, wondering if you would be inclined to release the cb_inkblot in a format that I could use to see how you made it (like see the layers and effects)? Cheers :)

  4. @cb2k and Gaetan –

    Glad you like the splatter effect. I’m actually going to do my next screencast on this. It’s actually very easy to accomplish. It involves using an inksplatter image from and then using the object mask effect in Inkscape to realistically put it on a background texture.

    Of course this is a pretty blatant ripoff of heathenx’s episode 059 screencast ( but seeing how it’s a little more abstract I think it’s worth a quick screencast. As you might tell from my screencasts I have nothing against re-hashing old ideas in new ways .. ;)

  5. Great Tutorial thanks again.

    Can I do a wallpaper based on this and what are your conditions for proper usage re linking and what copyright etc must I quote if allowed to do a piece like this for a gnome paper… Just trying to get it right.

  6. @cb2k – I’m assuming you mean using the paint splatter motif? Feel free. No attribution necessary. I think all creative endeavours borrow in some way on others. I’m just happy to illustrate one way of achieving a desired effect. I’d be more than happy just to see it used in any way at all.

  7. Thanks Rich but I prefer to give credit I have now submitted with appropriate links to both shows and license details if I can in anyway help to promote you’re work that’s what I will do.

    It’s up on my Gnome and Deviant art pages and the downloads are going at a fairly good rate hopefully this may generate some new inkscape devotees :)

    Thanks again and Good Luck

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