SELF Schwag!


I got home today and found a nice package in the mailbox. I always get giddy when there is anything in there other than direct mail ads and bills. This time the giddyness was fully justified. It turned out to be my package of schwag from The SouthEast LinuxFest. W00T!

I helped out with some of the graphics for the conference and this was my reward. :) Honestly, I would have loved to attend but it was just too far for me. I am booking in for the Ohio Linux Fest this September though so hopefully I can meet some of the wonderful people in this community.

Congratulations to Dave Yates and the rest of his cohorts on what by all accounts sounded like a complete and utter success. Indeed the reviews have been so glowing that I would think they’re wondering what they have to do to meet expectations next year.

Anyways, with yet another thunderstorm fast approaching, I decided to get my daughter to pose with all the SELF schwag for a quick photo. Kudos to all the SELF guys and thanks so much for the stuff, and for allowing me to help out.

Now I’ll have a clean change of clothes to wear in Ohio!

4 thoughts on “SELF Schwag!

  1. Thanks a million Richard for all the work you did on the graphics. The shirts, program guide, magazine ads, and web banners made us look legit!

  2. Firstly what a great model!

    Second It must be a great feeling seeing your superb designs realized.

    Finally and in no way relevant to your post the reason I write

    Have you checked out “Gloobus” it’s like mac’s coverflow only buggier for Linux. Good for viewing artwork.

  3. @cb2k – Thanks for the link to Gloobus, I’m definitely going to check that out. What I’ve found to be really nice for image viewing is CoolIris ( It’s a plugin for Firefox that makes viewing almost any image collection (on the web or locally on your computer) very very (very) slick. :) I use it to browse images from google image search results or in my own local graphics folders. It gives you a smooth scrolling wall of thumbnails and you can pick and choose what to view.

  4. Thanks RQ

    I use cooliris myself but was unaware I could use it for viewing stuff locally must check that out :)

    ps Nice fast delivery of the last 3 screencast episodes – looking fwd to the centenary episode :)

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