Things to Do during a Power Outage. No, not that…

Last night we had a mean set of thunderstorms roll through our area – the worst we’ve seen in quite a while.

In the midst of trying to get my daughter to settle down (blackouts are tremendous fun don’tcha know), I decided to dust off the tripod and have a little bit of fun. We did some quick and dirty light-writing with our flashlight, something I’ve seen many times, but never tried. Needless to say we did not reach perfection. With a 25sec shutter speed and a slightly flexible floor, you ain’t gonna cut yourself on the sharpness of those photos. But hey, it was fun, which is the point no?



I also got a nice photo of my daughter reading by lantern light. If you look closely to her right you’ll find Jessie, our Westie. At over 15 years old, he’s mostly deaf and pretty tired these days. He used to freak out at the slightly rumble, but slept quite soundly through the whole thing. :)


2 thoughts on “Things to Do during a Power Outage. No, not that…

  1. That picture of your daughter is amazing! You might well be able to sell that as a stock photo. Very atmospheric and absolutely beautiful!

  2. Thanks Fab. I had to make a few attempts because she had to keep still (I think it was a 6 sec exposure) and finally got one reasonably sharp.

    I’ve never put up anything for a stock photo before. I might try that.

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