Blender Editing Project – Park Visit

Recently I’ve been trying to expand my limits with Blender, video editing and more fluffy things like creative projects and how to drive them. While I haven’t produced a whole hell of a lot, I am learning at a good clip. It sure doesn’t hurt to have someone who will push you and force you to think in alternate directions. Find yourself one of those if you can, and thank him profusely. :)

Anyways, we’ve been chatting about editing and I was desperate to stop talking and start doing. Using what might be called Shakey-McShakerton handheld video I shot the other day, I spent approximately 4 hours editing it down to a 3 minute music video sort of thing. There’s no overarching purpose to it, no message per se (other than summer fun I guess), but on the way I did manage to hone certain skills I already knew (like cutting, ipo curves etc.), and learn some new useful things along the way like cutting to music, using markers, and using a few new keyboard shortcuts.

Clearly it’s amateur. Hardly better than a typical home movie. But it took effort and I learned a few things. A ramp to bigger, better and hopefully more interesting things:

Aurora Town Park – August 2009 from Richard Querin on Vimeo.

One thought on “Blender Editing Project – Park Visit

  1. Nice. Makes me wonder how hard it would be for somebody who understood these things to skin Blender to provide a grandma-friendly FLOSS video editor.

    That’s stable.

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