Beautifying Google Reader and Google Calendar

I recently came across two scripts to beautify both Google Calendar and Google Reader. Being a heavy user of both, I decided to give them a try and so far I love them. They’re installable on both Firefox (using Stylish) and on Google Chrome (which I use at work) as a user script.

These things really do look quite nice. The only drawback I can find is that I think the latest round of Google Reader improvements (with things like the ‘like’ button etc.) don’t appear to be included.

One’s called Helvetical and the other, unsurprisingly, Helvetireader. Here’s a peek at what they look like on my linux laptop:

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Free Image Hosting at

I don’t use many user styles for sites (I think I’m using BetterGmail2 but can’t honestly remember!). Does anybody else use custom themes for certain sites?

NB. Beauty of course is in the eye of the beholder. You may find these styles completely daft. After all, people did buy the Pontiac Aztek ;)

2 thoughts on “Beautifying Google Reader and Google Calendar

  1. I use stylish for gmail and google reader on Linux–something about the way the default font (Arial?) renders on my screens really sucks, so I change it to Droid Sans.

    I can’t get the sidebar on google reader to get as small as I want, though. It’s a mess of nested divs w/ names like “xsdf912”.

    I’ll give helvetireader a go though!

    UPDATE: this won’t work for the way I use google reader. I have way too many feeds and read what I want and don’t read a lot (and mark a lot of stuff ‘read’ that I didn’t actually read). This hides some of that (‘the mark as read’ button, for example).

    Looks gorgeous, though.

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