Hand drawn outline font… or true love.

Proof that if you spend your idle time sketching typefaces and logo wordmarks on enough scrap paper and notebooks, and if you leave enough notepads and pens lying around, there is a small chance that things will rub off. ;)


We’ve had a great holiday season so far. Hopefully everyone else has too.

ps. Criticize the lettering forms if you must. But realize that as a father I cannot be deemed anything remotely close to unbiased here. Every counter, ascender, descender, and tail is absolutely positively perfect! :D

3 thoughts on “Hand drawn outline font… or true love.

  1. Wow. No need to get so defensive about your work.

    I personally think this is way better than that other stuff you have been piddling with.

    PS: I’m digging the FreeDesign ethic you have bestowed upon your blog’s Captcha – the way that I need to scroll down four pages to get to it is genius! Pure genius I say!

  2. @heathenx – the little secret is that she’s been doing them all along. I’ve actually designed bugger all. ;)

    @troy – Inspired Design == Shitload of Whitespace. That and mirrored floor reflections. C’mon man, do I have to teach you everything!??!

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