I’m no MBA graduate, but…

Amongst a mailing list thread about Ubuntu’s alpha/beta wallpaper design, there was some lamenting about how it takes too long to agree on a wallpaper. And while I admittedly know absurdly little about the inner workings of the distro and its administration, I found the following comment quite funny:

“I do agree that it takes waay too long to choose a wallpaper.  We should organize a third-level subcommittee to fix this.”

Hopefully, a third level subcommittee consists of one guy alone in a room choosing the wallpaper. :)

3 thoughts on “I’m no MBA graduate, but…

  1. I’ll get my people to talk to my other people about talking to your people about a meeting. How’s that?

    And ps.. consider the long walk down to the captcha to be my way of forcing you to look at my blog archives. ;)

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