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If you’ve been reading this weblog for the last little while (thanks for sticking around btw) you’ll know that while the posts are sporadic, as of late they’ve been hovering around various topics under the general umbrella of ‘design’. And when you think of the Free and Open Source Software community, perhaps ‘serious design discussion’ isn’t the first thing you’d think of – indeed it might be the last. But the libre software community is a large and varied place and I think there are in fact quite a number of people interested in ‘elevating’ the level of discussion about design matters in our community.


This site was borne out of some interesting initial ideas from Troy Sobotka and awesome execution by Jay over at kilobitspersecond. It’s a place that is meant to hopefully foster the growth of art and design discussion over here in libre-software land.

Initially it is an aggregator for our feeds, and very soon as discussion hopefully builds, we will add other authors to the feed as well.

It is NOT a place for distro-cheerleading or distro-bashing. It is NOT a place for people to rant while they grind their axes.

It IS however a place for people to engage in discussion about art and design matters whether that be for Fedora, Ubuntu, KDE, Gnome or any other type of free software subject. Think passionate, engaging debate and discourse.

Comments will be moderated to ensure discussions are on-target and respectful to the members of this new community as well.

As I understand it right now (and remember this is a newborn idea at this time), there will be article writers and feed editors. Article writers will have their posts incorporated into the feed merely by adding the librescope tag to their posts. Feed editors will be able to tag relevant posts already sitting on the web that will also be aggregated on the site.

If you are interested and passionate about art and design as it relates to Libre software, and want to get involved give Jay a shout over at kilobitspersecond.

I think it best at this point to rip-off Troy Sobotka’s words (they’re so good it would be pointless for me to paraphrase any more than I have already):

Join us in trying to grow a little Libre coffee shop / art house / design corner of the internet over at Librescope.

Blog, dent, tweet or buzz about it and link to it to help us out. Thanks. :)

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