Forgot That Feeling

Hmm. Maybe a pseudo brain dump is the best way to get myself back into writing here. Nothing terribly brave, but baby steps I say.

Sometimes it’s good to just stop for a moment and take stock. It’s been a long time since I’ve really written anything here, and some things have definitely changed. Perspective and situation both I guess.

Same job. That hasn’t changed. I’m tremendously busy on the work front, but happy.

Life-wise, to say it’s been a tumultuous year would be massive understatement. I’ve always been fairly tight-lipped about personal things. That’s not likely to change much yet. Not a bravery issue. Just an issue of prudence. Suffice it to say that I had to make changes. Difficult ones. But all for the better. The only way out is through right?

See, even that paragraph, as dripping as it was in vagueness, was a tough go. Sheesh, I gotta work on that. :)

So some easier thoughts whirling around at the moment?

Why is it that people are so up in arms about Google Glass? A product that hasn’t even shipped yet. Can’t I already take photos, shoot video and record audio without you really knowing? Sounds rather trollish and attention-seeking to me. Do I think the technology is cool? Definitely. Would I wear them?  Likely not. Could I afford them? No.  But progress can be scary. New things can be scary. But personally, I welcome these sorts of things. It’s fun to watch change, and all the challenges it brings.

At various times over the past few months I have been close to buying a Nexus7 tablet. But my conundrum is that I am really getting to the point of needing a new phone and not a tablet. And technically I can co-opt my daughter’s Nexus7 tablet some of the time so I’m leaning toward having a little more patience and waiting for what’s next after the Nexus4. Definitely aiming at a Nexus phone too – the new SGS is gonna have to be damn good for me to forego the Nexus route this time around.

I need to shoot more stuff on my DSLR. I blame the winter (which is now melting into spring around here), and a lack of free time, but we both know that’s BS.

I still love working on graphics, but I simply haven’t put the time in lately. Though I did redo my website and I have done a few little things here and there. Still, sometimes I want to find myself bleary-eyed at 2am getting lost in the middle of a design I just have to finish in Inkscape. I miss that.

Speaking of graphics, about four years ago I signed up with Zazzle to check it out and put up a little t-shirt design. I had forgotten all about it… until last week when someone actually bought one! LOL! Now that’s patience! But hey, it might be a good outlet for some personal creative work. Watch this space, but not too intently. In fact, let’s forget that. My track record for actually doing things is not good. If it happens I’ll post about it. If it doesn’t.. well, let’s you and I pretend I never mentioned it. Deal?

On more of a techie note.. I stepped off the Ubuntu train at 11.04 and I’m running Mint 14 on this trusty laptop now. It seems to work fine. I have no desire for an Ubuntu phone or an Ubuntu laptop either. They are purportedly aiming “mainstream” (aka  ‘let’s design this for everyone’). And I think that’s a shame. Don’t get me wrong. I hope they’re successful, but I think the result you get when you do that is never as good as what you can get when you focus on an actual (realistic, specific, named) audience.

Oh yeah.. I also bought an Aeropress several months ago. It’s good. Not shockingly good. Not world-changing. But I’m happy with it. How’s that for a decisive and thrilling review. I don’t even have any esoteric brewing recipes to share. Shame on me.

So there are some baby steps. It feels good to write.

I forgot that feeling.





2 thoughts on “Forgot That Feeling

  1. Long time no write on my end, too. I seem to have lost the Blogging Mojo (and also the blogging time). I have been assimilated into the AppleBorg and have an iPhone, which is tethered to me at all times. This does not mean I am making phone calls all the time, just that I have the thing and am using it for games, reading, RSS feeds, Facebook, etc. etc.

    Good to “see” you! And congrats on the T-shirt sale! ;-)

  2. Richard, Hey, a nice start back to blogging.

    I’m still with Apple OS X and tinkering with Linux. The Apple appeal is rapidly dimming for me since everything revolves around iOS these days and the only changes to OS X are to make it more iOS like.

    Ubuntu seems to be on the mainstream train now as well which means copy, rehash and lack of originality. I’ve played with Mint some…good first impressions.

    Nice to see you back!

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