Getting my Work Calendar to Sync Properly on my Phone

This is a quick post about how I solved the problem of implementing my work calendar (shared via a calDAV server) into the calendar app on my phone (a Nexus 5) right alongside my Google Calendar.

At work we use KerioConnect to manage our mail, calendars and contacts. I use their webmail client to do my email and calendar on my desktop at work. It’s remarkably good. It’s fast and well-designed.

I wanted any events I added to my work calendar through its webmail interface to show up on my phone’s calendar app. And I also wanted to be able to add and edit calendar events on my phone whenever I wanted, and have those changes sync properly.

My first attempt at this was to try and import my calendar into Google Calendar by adding it as an additional calendar on the GCal website. I could never get my work calendar to show up here. I’m not 100% sure why. Maybe it was finicky about the CalDav address. I’m also not sure that if it did work, would I be able to add and edit calendar entries or would it be read-only? Anyway, not being able to get them to show up made that point moot.

So here’s what I ended up getting to work:

I used the CalDAV-Sync tool available on the Play Store. This is a paid app (cost me $2.89CAD). I tried a few of the free CalDAV sync tools available on the store, but couldn’t get them to work properly. Your mileage may vary, so for sure you should try to get a free one to work. In my case I couldn’t (or more likely, gave up too early). Anyway, this app (and others like it) will let you add an account that will then show up under the accounts settings on your phone. So you can then try multiple calendar apps and this ‘work’ account will be available as a calendar to work with just as your Google Calendar is.

There are lots of nicely designed calendar apps out there on the play store. I’ve tried and used a few different ones like Sunrise Calendar, DigiCal, and aCalendar in the past, but my current tool of choice is Today Calendar. There is a free 30-day trial version, but I opted for the slightly pricey pro version after a week or two. It’s 7 bucks on the store, but it worked so well for me, and I like it so much over the others that I figure a few coffees worth of money is fair play. It is very similar to Google Calendar in it’s look, but has a few features that are better implemented. It’s in very active development, and the developer is very responsive and is on Google+ as well. I recommend the trial version to see if it’s up your alley and has the features you want.

The things I like best about it are:

  • useful month view on a phone that gives at least some indication of the items on a given day
  • pinch and zoom on the week view
  • a nice agenda view
  • a nice agenda widget

Here are some screenshots. The last one just shows the CalDav account added under settings:






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